Cut-Off Wheels for Metal EXTREME *****

  • The wheels of this series are created according to a unique formula and with the help of innovative technological solutions, have record indicators of resource, cutting speed, and ease of use. The base of Xmacht Extreme cutting wheels consists of modified fused corundum with an active coating, which increased their mechanical strength and contains special additives to improve heat removal from the cutting zone. With cutting edge innovation in wheel production, we have been able to achieve high tool performance and maximize performance.
  • Advantage: Modified fused alumina with active coating + 50% cutting speed. A special bond with reinforcing elements provides up to 7 times increased resources. Protection against water ingress on the disc during operation. European certification recognized in the world (EN 12413, MPA Hannover, FEPA, ISO9001:2015) Designed for metal and stainless steel cutting (Free of Fe + S + Cl <0.1%) For professional use only.
  • Application: Cut-off wheels are used on angle grinders for cutting reinforcing bars, metal pipes, angle steel, and structural shapes, metal parts and blanks, sheet metal, and other materials.
  • Safety: Do not exceed the maximum operating speed indicated on the wheel. Always use the proper personal protective equipment.
Size, mm Type Material Max. speed,
Application Box, pcs SKU Barcode
115 x 1.0 x 22.23 T41 A 60 S BF 13 300 Metal+
Stainless Steel
25 X195 – 00427 5060190228788