Cut-Off Wheels
for Metal PROFESSIONAL****

  • A series of cutting discs for professional and home use. They have an optimal ratio of resource cutting capacity and price. Xmacht Professional discs are based on high-quality aluminum oxide and special additives to improve heat removal from the cut zone.
  • Advantage:High-quality aluminum oxide + 30% cutting speed Optimized compounding of the connection of the circle provides up to 5 times increased resource European certification is recognized in the world (EN 12413, MPA Hannover, FEPA, ISO9001:2015) Designed for metal and stainless steel cutting (Free of Fe + S + Cl <0.1%)
  • Application: Cut-off wheels are used on angle grinders for cutting reinforcing bars, metal pipes, angle steel and structural shapes, metal parts and blanks, sheet metal, and other materials.
  • Safety: Do not exceed the maximum operating speed indicated on the wheel. Always use the proper personal protective equipment.
Size, mm Type Material Max. speed,
Application Box, pcs SKU Barcode
115 x 1.0 x 22.23 T41 A 60 S BF 13 300 Metal+
Stainless Steel
25 X190 -00427 5060190228795